F.A.Q. ( Frequently Asked Questions ) :

Q. How Much Does A Typical Project Take Time ?

A.) A Project Usually Takes From 1 to 2 Months In Development But It Might Take Longer Depending On The Requirements Of The Customer.

Q. What Kind Of Techniqqal Support Do You Provide Your Customers ?

A.) We Provide Our Customers With Complete Techniqal Support Concerning Projects We Have Developed For As Long As They Wish, But If not Mentioned We Keep Free Support For One Complete Year After Project Publication.

Q. What Happens If My WebSite Gets Hacked Or I Get Errors ?

A.) IF The 1 year Free Support Has Passed And No Support Agreament Has Been Signed Your Site Will Be Fixed In Return You Will Have To Pay A Support Fee.
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El-Zein Building, Jibsheat Main Street, Nabatieh, Lebanon.
Mobilephone:+961 70 714 087
Telephone:+961 07 510 126

You Can Contact Us By Calling One Of The Above Numbers or By Visiting Us At Our Location or Using The Form Below.

We Would Love To hear Your Comments Suggestions and Opinions. Since We Thrive To Improve Ourselves and To Better Our Services For You In Order To Give You The Best Products And Development Experiance. Life Is Hard But Not Impossible thats Why Nothing Is Impossible For Us To Do.

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