ZeinSystems Offers a varaity of solutions for its clients; ranging from Web Hosting,web Development , Software Development, Mobile Apps, and Custom USB's :

Web Hosting

General Web Hosting and Domain Features

>> Unlimited web space and traffic for your website
>> Domain name: .com; .org; .net; .biz; .info; .us; .nl;
>> Host Unlimited domains *In PLUS plan version!
>> Unlimited parked domains and subdomains

Email Features

>> UNLIMITED Email + forwarding, aliases, auto-replies etc.
>> Choice Between Managed Emails and Web-based Emails
>> Web-based Email Access: Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail
>> SMTP, POP3 and IMAP; mailing lists; spam assassin etc.

Server and Data Security

>> Top DataCenters in US and Europe, unique server configuration
>> Redundancy: Internet and electricity by multiple suppliers
>> Monitoring: 24/7 human plus the best automatic by 1H Guardian

FTP, Databases and Programming Features

>> Unlimited FTP accounts, Anonymous FTP, FTP sessions control
>> Unlimited MySQL & PostGre DBs + phpMyAdmin & phpPgAdmin
>> 6 PHP versions: 5.3, 5.2, 5.2 (SP), 5.1, 5.0, 4.4 ,Perl and Python
>> And more: GD library, ImageMagick, Zend Optimizer, etc.

Web Development:

Server Side Web Development

>> We Use The Latest PHP Versions
>> Increased Security Using A Variety Of Coding Techniques

Database Technology

>> We Use The Latest MYSQL Versions
>> Our Databases Are Created To Fit Your Needs
>> Faster Database Response By using Our Apahce Servers With PHP and Mysql technologies

Client Side Web Development

>> Advanced Usage Of HTML5 And CSS3 Languages
>> Javascript Based Web Applications
>> JQuery Javascript Library For Simpler And Smoother Web Experiance
>> AJAX For Improved User Experiance With New Methods For Using Javascript

Our Philosophy In Web Development

>> We Think Of Web Development As The Next Step In Eveloion And As So We Thrive To Learn New Techniques And Technologies In Order To Stay A Head Of OThers.
>> Each Website We Develop Has his Own Admin Control Panel Design To Fit The Client's NeedsAnd Ambitions.
>> We Deliver Top Quality Websites Tailored To Fit Your Needs And Ambitions.
>> Each Website We Develop Is Developed With Great Care And Consideration To The Clients Needs.
>> We Develop Website While Thinking Of The Future Making Our Work Upgrade Ready At All Times.

Software Design

Design Platforms

>> We Design Windows Based Software For The Clients Needs.
>> We Use SQL Database Technology For Our Software

Software features

>> Our Software IS Made With Great Care To Meet Your Needs.
>> We Design Network And Single Computer Software For Your Company
>> Our Software Is Secured And Protected From Unwanted Access To It